Philosophy - From the CEO


Our passion is to explore the inherent beauty of the cultures, peoples, lifestyles across the country, emotions of the individuals representing generations, exploring relations that is most valuable in India, from the activities across the street, square, shops to the luxurious cars multistoried modern lifestyle, illuminating pubs, & shopaholic Brand buyers. Our only motive is to reach deep rooted India is today whether conventional or contemporary. Our passion is to make films.
- Pradeep Nagdev

The process

The process, before and how we go on floor...


Research- The analytical report on the content provide agency/client is refined by the team of professional research passionate people to convey the best meaning of the brief to our production team. It includes about the information of brands or products of the correspondence category of the concerned brand. The geographical background of the nature of the script, the environment, characters, and filler objects to occupy the screen space.

Budget- A very affordable budget is given to you to accomplish the project including the details of the cost with the suggestions if possible that where you can cut the cost.

Location Recce- A hawk eyed team like tourist are love to explore every corner of India and determining its beautiful aspects. Our professional often visits to various parts of the country to turn them into a shooting landscape. They snap the areas beautiful parts from several corners so that we could provide you the best details of the location.

Artists/models/characters - We have portfolio of people of all age groups that are suggested to you according to the script if you demand it or whether you provide we will manage all the comfortable facilities to them anywhere in India.

Transportation/ accommodation/Travel - We provide facilities in every part of the country charges included in the budget.

Technical strength - Team of experts including stunt directors are capable of hardcore and sturdy jobs, have had an experience of shooting in all possible required scenes. We have all industry standard equipment to work enough for qualitative film.

Post Production - Professionals give it magical touch to your masterpiece with a brilliant use of VFX, 3D techniques, animation and colors, an illusionary weapon to make it more wonderful.